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"I work for a Nonprofit Organization, can we be a Charity Chase Partner?"


We would love to work with you! There is no cost associated with being a Charity Chase Partner, but we do ask for 3 things from each of our nonprofit partners.


Spread the word! The more runners/walkers who select your organization, the more $ you will raise. We'll provide email marketing and social media support every step of the way. We ask that you be able to recruit a minimum of 10 participants, but the sky is the limit.


A representative from your charity must be present on race day. "Presence" can be as minimal as sending a representative to answer questions or as involved as setting up a booth and bringing handouts to promote the good you are doing in the community. Oh, and banners make for great course decoration!


Charity partners must provide a minimum of 3 volunteers on race day to facilitate a great chase-day experience. Volunteers shifts begin 1.5 hours before the race and end 1.5 hours later.

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Our Promise to You: The Charity Chase mission is to help you fulfill yours. We will never charge you for partnering with us, nor will we ever withhold donations from your organization if it fails to meet certain metrics. Email us at if you are interested in being a Charity Chase Partner.

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