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Sponsorships and Crowdfunding are two ways we increase our event's impact on your favorite, local charities. Money raised through sponsorships and crowdfunding are redistributed to partnering charities via post-race prizes. The Charity Chase does not make any money from sponsorships or crowdfunding, so 100% of your donation (minus the cost of your shirt) will go to participating charities.


"But why would I donate through The Charity Chase rather than directly to my favorite charity?!" Simple. By donating via The Charity Chase, you increase the overall impact and excitement surrounding charity in your city. Increased excitement brings more charities, participants, and sponsors to the Chase, adding further donations to partnering charities. We also encourage you to make additional donations to your favorite charity upon registration via the embedded giving function!

1. Choose a Sponsorship Level

2. Download & complete sponsor contract

3. Email

4. Make your sponsor check payment directly to appropriate charity after the Chase

We'll let you know where to direct your tax-deductible donation once the results are in.

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1. Choose your contribution level and the Chase you'd like to crowd-fund


2. Make your contribution online via our crowdfunding page

See buttons below

3. Be sure to select the "perk" option so we can send you a shirt!

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Sponsorships are vital to the success of every Charity Chase. Sponsorships are 100% tax-deductible and donations are made directly to a partnering charity after each Chase's conclusion. All sponsors are included on race shirts, listed on our website, and may advertise on our race course and at our post-race award ceremony. More sponsor perks available upon request.

Not a business but still want to increase the impact of The Charity Chase in your community? Crowdfund a race in your city and 100% of your donation will be redistributed to partnering charities (minus the cost of a shirt). Our goal is to raise $1800 in every city. Crowdfunded donations will be distributed according to our prize system, additional funds will be added to our Race Jackpot.

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